I’ve recently started building simple applications with the RedLion G7 series controller. This particular controller has an abundance of user interface features. One would expect a steep learning curve but to my
surprise, it wasn’t too difficult. The Crimson 3 software as simple enough and intuitive enough to start producing working samples right off the get go.

I was tasked to modify an existing program to perform what seemed to be fairly elaborate functions. Such things like USB logging, serial port captures and bit manipulations were in included in the changes. Along
the way, I would run into some issues. Harold at technical support offered immediate solutions. And not only that, he offered multiple solutions. With a little bit of knowledge and solid help from Harold, I
was able to produce.

Thank-you Harold
We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Landel Controls.

Their timely responses to our needs, gives us confidences when dealing with our customers. The available resources, technical support, and product knowledge makes Landel Controls one of our preferred vendors. We have found their services to be dependable, friendly and open over the years.

Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.