The new CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs!

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Landel Control’s partner, Red Lion Controls just released it’s newest generation of HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) CR1000 and CR3000, packed with incredible performance-enhancing features and the latest, most innovative technology available.

  • Cleaner, more responsive UI with more accurate colors & easier to view on multiple platforms
  • Faster & more efficient design/ build or retrofit custom machines

The new CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs feature a wide array of connectivity options suitable for today’s most challenging project applications, quickly interconnecting devices from a variety of leading manufacturers using the new Crimson® 3.1 software.

With a built-in library of more than 300 industrial protocols and the ability to support 16M colours, these new HMIs allow you to create more engaging and user-friendly interfaces that are visually striking.

  • More Sizes & Connectivity Options
  • New Primitives, Gauges & Symbols
  • Updated Crimson Control
  • SQL Queries
  • Industry leading single point- and-click protocol conversion, data logging and an advanced web server for remote monitoring.
  • Seamless transitioning and upgrading of existing databases.